No matter what you are writing – Memoir? Solo Show?  Great American Novel? Screenplay? Full-length Play? A TV Pilot? Webseries? –
there are certain tenants that apply. 
These are the elements that can generate a new piece, inspire you to do a rewrite, or remind yourself:
If not now, when?

Michael Kearns
Photo by Judy Francesconi

Getting Started

Spring Session Forming
6 Weeks, Saturday Mornings, 3 Hours
Maximum 6 Students
RATE: $240

This class is designed for beginners and accomplished writers who are having a hard time getting the ideas that crowd your head onto the blank page. “Writer’s block doesn’t exist,” Michael insists. “It’s an excuse. There may be a block but that’s something to work on specifically instead of whining about writer’s block at Starbucks.”

In a safe and non-judgmental environment, Kearns helps each student find their voice and jumpstart their writing desire no matter what genre they are pursuing (including but not limited to novels, screenplays, solo performance pieces, plays, essays).

This is the key to establishing a trusting relationship with his students so that their imagination, intelligence, and insight can emerge. (He can also correct your grammar.)

Write & Shine Class

Sunday Mornings
Inquire with writing sample for inclusion in future group sessions 

Every Sunday morning, a group of writers meet to hone their skills, listen to each other, read their work, discuss authors (old and new), and share other intimacies that are pertinent to their work.

Write & Shine is an intensive, largely by-invitation-only class that is limited to students with whom Kearns has had a professional relationship or has experienced their work and asked them to join. In rare instances, a student may submit work and be considered. In three-hour rigorous sessions, no more than six students share their work and ideas in which they apply critical thinking and genuine criticism to each other’s work under Kearns’ careful guidance.

Private Classes

One on one mentoring
Flexible Schedule
RATE: $110/hr

One-on-one classes are most often intended for the writer who has a draft, no matter how “rough.” Or a substantive, developed idea.

While solo performance may be his specialty, Michael feels that certain tenets of writing cross all disciplines: theme, structure/plot, pace, character development, intention, and more.

Private classes with Michael require discipline and deadlines; a built-in intensity exists when teacher and student are able to work without distractions. 


Michael works with writers who need an editor to assist them when they have a draft and are freaking out.  It is almost inevitable.
RATE: $110/hr

Similar to Private Classes, Michael works with writers one-on-one on structure, intention, theme, location and more: all the things that need “a third eye” to make sure everything is alive, making sense, and in shape to go to the next level.

He stresses that he is not a copy editor. While he might correct some grammar and punctuation, many projects require a bona fide copy editor.

Michael Kearns creates a safe, nonjudgmental space that allows me to color outside of the lines and find my true voice.  As a writer and solo performer, he encourages me to be daring and plumb the depths of my emotional reservoir to create work that’s intimate and exciting.

– Dave Trudell
Michael Kearns reading with Dave Trudell
Michael with Dave Trudell

Whether while sitting around a table in the pre-COVID days, or looking at each other’s faces in the zoom world, Write and Shine got me past every writer’s worst enemy, the fear of reworking every word on a page to reflect the true intention of what we have to say; I wrote a book in this class that people told me for years needed to be written. Listening to Michael’s coaching and each other’s work has made all of us writers in the truest sense because every session sharpens us in the practice of putting words together to tell a story, make a point or expose a larger truth.

– Darya Teesewell

Working with Michael Kearns changed my life. I came to him, stuck on a project, and in nine months he helped me write an all new, off-Broadway solo play.

– Lan Tran

During the Twenty-First Century, it is teaching that has informed Kearns’ career.

Even after teaching acting for well over two decades, it didn’t occur to him that he could teach writing. When he began directing a number of solo performers in the Nineties, delving into the dramaturgy of their pieces, a real sense of being capable of teaching the art of writing emerged.

Short Writing Tips

Writing Tip #1
Writing Tip #2
Writing Tip #3