Michael Kearns sitting on graffiti steps
Photo by Lauren Jones

Michael Kearns has been a provocative and impassioned voice on the cultural and artistic landscape of America and beyond for more than fifty years. In addition to teaching private and group writing classes, Michael is presently an Artistic Associate at the Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles, Artist-in-Residence at Housing Works, and Artistic Director of QueerWise, a Spoken Word collective he founded in 2012.

Based in Los Angeles, he has achieved success in the theatre (acting, writing, directing, and producing) that boldly speaks to social issues (including but not limited to AIDS, racial inequality, homelessness, mass incarceration) while a passion for social justice has undeniably driven his teaching career and his activism.

Join Michael at his writing workshops, classes and private sessions.

As an openly gay man working in Hollywood, Michael Kearns has earned a place in the history books.

– Sir Ian McKellen
Acclaimed British Actor
Michael Kearns with Sir Ian McKellen
Michael with Sir Ian McKellen

In Michael Kearns’ writing classes, you enter a safe and encouraging environment where every session is inspiring, spirited and profound. Kearns’ insight, skill and talent gently coaxed my voice out of hiding – I got more out of his class than any other writing class I’ve taken.

– Meredith Besser

The collisions of sex and death, of eroticism and grief, have propelled Kearns’ stage works for about 40 years…Sex is on his brain, and on his stages, while he is lamenting the loss of friends from the kinds of predilections he’s striving to better comprehend.

Steven Leigh Morris
LA Weekly