Love To Write?

What you need is a supportive, safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. You need tools. Or you need to sharpen the ones you have. And finally, you need to open up, let it flow, and TRUST YOUR VOICE.

– Michael Kearns

Michael Kearns sitting at desk
Photo by Theresa Kennedy

What Students are Saying

I met Michael and began working with him right after that point where people say ‘you really should write.’ Thanks to Michael’s  generous, insightful care and useful analysis, and the community he creates in his writing workshop, my ‘should’ became a ‘can.’ I wanted to get somewhere, and I have, thanks to Michael and our group.

– Darya Teesewell

A caring and encouraging teacher, Michael’s insights and questions truly make a difference and my writing is always the better for it.

– James Pentecost

As a published author, I’ve worked with dozens of writing coaches and teachers over the last couple decades. Michael innately understood me and my writing more than anyone—he challenged me when I needed to expand and supported me when I needed to turn inward. He pushed me to work my hardest, mine to the deepest emotional depth, and create the work I am most proud of.

– Lan Tran

Find the Class That’s Right For You

Michael offers small group classes, exclusive Sunday morning classes, private one-on-one classes, and editing services.